Obtain the coveted “WINGS” – How to become a Pilot

“It has always been a childhood dream to soar to the skies…”  This is the answer you commonly get from some or most of those who aspire to be a PILOT, individuals who want to obtain the so-called “WINGS”. 

Photo by F/O Edwin Baldado

Are you one of them? Or perhaps you may have other reasons why you want to be one?  So why not start today and go after that dream?

The path towards becoming a pilot is both EXCITING and CHALLENGING.  Once you get to be a pilot, you will enjoy and reap the fruits of all the hard work you have put through. And what is this hard work we are talking about?  It’s the TRAINING.  Before you can operate an aircraft, you must first have the following licenses which you will obtain through a pilot training:

-      Private Pilot License (PPL)

Private Pilot License is an initial qualification for the Commercial Pilot License.  Holders of this license can act, but not remunerated, as pilot-in-command or co-pilot of non-revenue flights.  

-      Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Commercial Pilot License is for those who want to start a career in aviation.  Holders of this license may exercise the privileges of a Private Pilot License.  The holder can act as pilot-in-command in any airplane engaged in operations other than commercial transportation, pilot-in-command in commercial air transportation in any airplane certificated for single-pilot operation and co-pilot in commercial air transportation in airplanes required to be operated with a co-pilot.

Thus, a solid foundation of pilot training is required for you to jumpstart your career as a pilot and we at PAL AVIATION SCHOOL can help you pursue your goal of obtaining the coveted “WINGS”.